DIY Pallet Bench

Upcycling wooden pallets into furniture is so on trend right now and we’ve created an easy to follow guide so you can make your own garden pallet chair. Upcycled furniture is not only incredibly stylish but it’s also really easy to achieve at home. Repurposed materials are a sustainable way of updating your home and garden, whilst allowing you to add your own style to the design.

There are so many different ways to experiment with wooden pallet furniture. You could use chalk paint to create a pretty pastel centerpiece to your garden or make multiple chairs to create a pallet sofa for your outdoor space. Why not add some stylish cushions and a throw for some Scandinavian vibes. Whatever style you go for, make sure you use quality paint brushes and paint rollers for a professional finish.

What you will need

  1. 3 wooden pallets
  2. Harris Seriously Good Medium Sanding Block
  3. Harris Taskmaster Shed and Fence Brush
  4. Harris Taskmaster Shed and Fence Paint roller sleeve, frame and tray
  5. Your chosen garden paint colour
  6. Electric drill, brackets and screws
  7. Scatter cushions

Step One

Sand the pallets using the Seriously Good sanding blocks and remove any rough edges. Use sandpaper to get in between the gaps and side panels of hard to reach places. Continue to sand until you have a smooth surface.

Step Two

Stir the paint in the tin and pour in to the small paint roller tray. Use the mini shed and fence paint roller to paint the pallets in a sweeping up and down motion. You may need to use a paint brush to paint in to the corners and harder to reach sections. Wait for the paint to fully dry before turning the pallet over and painting the other side. It may take several coats of paint to fully cover each pallet.

Step Three

Create your base by stacking two of the painted pallets on top of each other to create a seat. Once you are happy with how this looks, screw them together using the brackets and electric drill. Add your third pallet behind the seat in a vertical upright position to create the back rest to your pallet bench. Once in place screw the pallet to the seat using the drill.

Step Four

Complete the look and add a touch of personality to your newly created chair with a decorative blanket and scatter cushions.

Where to find wooden pallets?

  • Contact your local timber recycling establishment
  • Look online for recycled pallets
  • Buy from your local DIY store


  • Make sure the pallets are FSC Certified and are safe for use
  • Make sure the pallets are all the same size
  • Cover when not in use to protect from weather damage
  • Store indoors during winter
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