How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Have you ever fitted a TV or picture frame and then wanted to move it? Perhaps you’ve had a bit of an accident and need to fix it? This guide will show you how to fix a hole in the wall of your home. Follow our simple step by step guide and become a decorating legend!


Step 2. Clean the hole.

The second step when fixing the hole is to remove any nails or screws.

Before you can fix the hole properly you need to remove any nails, Rawlplugs or screws which might be stuck inside still. Once these have been removed open the hole out using an Seriously Good Snap Knife or Premier Chisel Knife. This will let the filler bind to a surface.

For small holes you can skip to Step 3, but if you have a wide or deep hole to repair, dilute some PVA glue in water, then paint the solution into the hole using the Essentials Brush. The PVA seeps into the plaster making it more solid and more reliable when adding the filler in the next step.


Step 3. Fill the hole.

To fix the hole in your wall apply some filler with a filling knife.

To fix the hole in your wall you will need to apply some filler with the Premier Filling Knife. Add the filler into the hole using the filling knifes curved blade. If the hole is very wide or very deep you might need several layers of filler. Follow the filler package instructions. It is often necessary to add a layer of filler in 10mm (1cm) deep sections and then leave it to cure before adding the next layer.

When the filler has cured use some Ultimate Fine Sandpaper and a Cork Block to sand the filler down till smooth. Then clean the surface with a Seriously Good Microfibre Cloth making sure there is no dust remaining. You are now ready to paint over the area. We recommend jumping over to our guide on how to paint a wall and how to paint a ceiling to continue your project.

To finish fixing the hole, sand the filler till smooth.

After sanding always clean the area with a cloth to remove dust.

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